Clemente Ranch Spring Cleaning Event April 21, 2018

Hello and welcome to the 2nd Annual Clemente Ranch Spring Cleaning Event Information page. Below you will find helpful information and guidelines for the various services. If you have any questions please feel free to call/text me at 480-235-3716 or send me an email at: I am looking forward to seeing you there!


Shredding by TNT SHREDDING

Don’t risk the consequences of identity fraud, of losing private business information, or sensitive documents of any kind. Don’t risk losing your personal data. Be safe with TNT Shredding, a locally owned company, who is not only tops in security; they’re tops in customer service, too.

It’s time to get safe. It’s time to save money (yes, that’s right). It’s time to limit the number of eyes that see sensitive papers and documents. It’s time to know that all of your discarded financial records, papers and documents are destroyed. TNT paper shredding will give you the most customer-friendly, secure way to handle those mountains of paper. You don’t have to worry if your papers have really gone through thorough document destruction. You don’t have to figure out what to do with sensitive materials until someone gets around to shredding them. There’s no question of who’s handled them or how many eyes have seen them. Here’s how TNT works:

  • Shredding is done on-site. The whole process takes place under your watchful eye. Bins are loaded directly into the shredder. You can watch the whole process.
  • When the truck leaves, the job is already done. There are no worries. If the truck gets in an accident, your papers are already shredded. The shredding is complete without anyone handling your papers – without any chance of someone stealing their contents – after the TNT Shredding truck leaves your business. The shredder even mixes paper together so that your paper will just be part of the load. Even if it could be put back together (and it can’t), there is no way all the pieces of any document could be found.
  • You save money! That’s right! Most shredders will shred 15 sheets of paper about 100 times a day. A box of paper holds about 5000 sheets. If you have one box of paper it will take 4 to 5 days to get it all shredded. If you buy a commercial, continuous shred machine, it will still probably only take 15 sheets at a time and you’ll be out anywhere from $2000 to $5000. It could take an employee up to 8 hours to shred 4 boxes of paper in a month. Even at only $10 an hour (and is that the employee you want to trust with confidential information?), that’s $80 in cost. Monthly service will cost you less.
  • It’s green! TNT shredding makes sure that all the shredded paper is recycled.

TNT Shredding is fully accredited by NAID, the national organization for document destruction, which is the largest international trade association for document destruction services. It also has earned certification from InfoSafe, the industry’s leading information security and privacy compliance certification program. Every employee is background checked by CrimShield and those reports are available to you. TNT Shredding is also a member of the Better Business Bureau and invites you to check their record with this well-known watchdog. It’s an A+ and that says everything!

This year $.10 per pound will be donated to Tarwater Elementary School!

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Phoenix, Arizona 85009

Glenn Weinberger, Inc. has been serving the Valley of the sun for over 38 years, operating an EPA and ADEQ approved landfill and transfer station in South Phoenix for 27 of those years.

In 1999, we opened Rainbow Valley Landfill located southwest of Phoenix in Mobile, AZ. The facility is currently receiving approximately 600 tons per day.

In February of 1995, we began operating Weinberger Waste Disposal, our roll-off division, which today provides waste collection services for hundreds of construction and industrial customers’ valley wide.

Today, our services include roll-off waste collection services, and topsoil sales, in addition to our landfill and transfer operations.

As it has been since the very beginning, our desire is to provide trustworthy service at a fair price.

PROHIBITED WASTES: (Items that they will NOT be able to dump for you)

  • Liquids & Food waste
  • Hazardous waste
  • Medical waste
  • Contaminated soil
  • Asbestos
  • Tires & Batteries
  • Compressors (Freon)